Welcome to Abrahams Health Products! My name’s Pieter Abrahams. That’s my wife and I in the picture. It’s a pleasure to have you here. Read on to see why I started this site and what you can get from it.

Why Abrahams Health Products?

I started Abrahams Health Products to help you be the best you can be, to find gifts for your friends and family and to help you enjoy life a little bit more.

I share all sorts of products on Abrahams Health Products, from skincare to flowers, electronics and toys, to tantalising sweet treats.


You’re a beautiful creature.

But sometimes it takes a little help to reveal that beauty to the world.

That’s why Abrahams Health Products shares skin care products that’ll unveil who you are, so everyone can share in your loveliness.


If you partake in a sport like running, cycling, tennis, squash or water sports, you know the exhilaration associated with being active.

But to enjoy sport to the max, you need the right gear.

And there’s no better place to learn about new sporting gear that through Abrahams Health Products.


Birthdays and wedding anniversaries are two of the most important life events.

Celebrate them with three of the most important products…

Flowers, chocolate and wine!

Abrahams Health Products helps keep your relationships healthy by sharing gorgeous and delicious celebration products.


Soos hulle sê in Afrikaans, die vere maak die voël!

What will you wear to that all important job interview?

And surely you can’t attend a wedding looking like a hobo?

Not to worry!

Abrahams Health Products shares clothing to help you put the best foot forward so you can step out in confidence.


Life happens.

And sometimes, life happens really hard.

And when it does, it can leave a big dent in your wallet.

That’s why a little prevention goes a long way towards ensuring that, should something go wrong, you’re not left in a ditch.

Abrahams Health Products shares insurance products that helps towards putting your mind a little more at ease.

And a mind that’s at ease is a healthy mind.


Although health is mostly associated with fitness, a healthy calendar and lifeplan are essential to success.

That’s why Abrahams Health Products shares with you the tools you need to help you manage your time, so you can reach your goals.


But life isn’t all work and no play!

You must spend time with your kids, or perhaps you’re still a child at heart yourself.

That’s why Abrahams Health Products shares fantastic toys with you.

Close your laptop lid for a bit and jump into those building blocks!

Rock your ride

Who wants to drive around in a four-wheeled junkyard display piece?

And why settle for plain when you can pimp it up?

A healthy ride makes for some serious fun.

Abrahams Health Products shares automotive products like car audio systems and alloy wheels to ensure your cabby doesn’t just drive well, but looks great.

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Stay beautiful and have fun!